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Stupid Hurts

Posted by richindebt on November 11, 2006

So i get a call just the other day from my kids school. Apparently the checks I wrote to them for those field trips were for accounts I recently closed. So now I have to give them more money to cover the return of the check. $10 each for the two I sent them plus the amount for the trips. Yes, I feel stupid.

 -$35 for my own mistake


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Posted by richindebt on October 10, 2006

We had to do a last minute road trip this past weekend to attend a wedding for a friend of ours. Originally the plan was to ride with someone else in order to cut down on costs for gas and hotel, but that didn’t work out and we ended up spending twice as much as I wanted to.

-100 gas
-65 hotel

Makes me wonder why I do daycare at home anymore. It was to make extra money to pay off the CC, but right now it seems it all goes to all those extra things that pop up unexpectedly. Maybe we’ll get enough on taxes to help.

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School Again

Posted by richindebt on October 6, 2006

My kids both brought home notes from school on Tuesday asking for more money for field trips. The dates for these trips didn’t take place until the end of the month, so I set them aside until I could get the money. I then find out yesterday that the money is due bytomorrow. So basiclaly they send me a note asking for money on Tuesday and it has to be in by Friday. I swear the school alone will bankrupt me.

I sent in the money, of course, but ha dto tell my friend, whose wedding we scrimped to go to this weekend, that I would have to get his gift late. he was ok with it, but I wasn’t. My daughter is so sweet. She took $7 out of her allowance to help me. I was such a sweet gesture, it brought me to tears. I handed her the money back and explained I was only frustrated at the school and their assumption I can just give them money whenever they ask for it. And that they don’t realize or care that they might be putting us out. So I sent in a letter to the school telling them I MUST have at least 2 weeks notice from now on or my children could not participate. I wonder if they will care.

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Decisions, Decisions…

Posted by richindebt on October 6, 2006

I got the fabric for their Halloween costumes. They both wanted to be rabbits and the price of fake fur made me cringe, but they both made some nice choices while trying to keep in budget.
I started sewing the costumes yesterday and they were turning out pretty nice. All I had to do for my daughter was hem the sleeves and legs. As I was trying the costume on her, she suddenly asked if I would be mad if she changed her mind. She thought a bunny might make her look funny and that maybe she would use one of the other 10 costumes she has (and that I tried to get her to use before we bought fabric). I told her no,but she might want to talk to her brother who had decided to be a bunny as well so they could match. She nodded and said she’d let me know.
How could I be mad she changed her mind? That’s what kids do. I was mad, but only because I just spent money I could have used to pay something off. So my anger wasn’t at her, just at the waste of money. Well, we’ll see if she wears it or not.


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Posted by richindebt on October 3, 2006

I learned to sew from my mom when I was younger, so I could design and make my own clothes and costumes. As I grew though, I found that it’s actually more expensive to do this. The creativity aspect, however, was not lost to my children as they grew up and so they come up with something new every year that they want to be. And I get to sew it. It’s almost humorous considering they both have at least 15 costumes in their rooms, made by my mother, of everything from pirates to gypsies. I tried to talk them into wearing one this year for Halloween to save money, but they both insist on being rabbits. Not just any rabbits, mind you, but copies of their pet rabbits. So now I’m off to gather supplies and get sewing.

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Vegas or Bust

Posted by richindebt on October 2, 2006

My husband spent all last week at job interviews in Las Vegas. This is for ‘just in case’ he decides to leave the service in March. I’m all for it, honestly, because of several reasons (and no, none of them are because he’d be getting out of the military). Financially though, I worry it will further ruin us. Right now we are lucky to get housing and utilities for free. We also get medical for free. Anyone paying for medical insurance knows how lucky we are for that alone. And right now we are actually making progress on losing this debt. Granted, it’s slow, but it’s also steady. If we move, I wonder if that progress will stop. I wonder if it will just get worse.

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Picture Day

Posted by richindebt on September 28, 2006

Why is it that every year parents feel the need to spend too much money on mediocre pictures from the school? Maybe it’s easier, maybe it’s tradition…whatever. Anyway, picture day is upon us again already and I had to dig into my savings with less then a weeks notice in order to have them taken for both my children.


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Forget College…

Posted by richindebt on September 28, 2006

Elementary school is costing me a fortune. They send home notes every week asking for just a little more money. Granted, it’s not much, but it is enough to put me in a pinch on my small budget. This week I got a note from my son’s teacher telling me they were going to study Christopher Columbus this month and to send $4 to the school. Why do they need $4 to teach my son about this great explorer and what happens if I don’t send it? Do they not teach my child? I have written the school to ask what this money is for, so I will let you know as soon as I do.

Total loss for school this month:

Update: It seems the money is for a class trip.
another -$4

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Posted by richindebt on September 26, 2006

I have always been interested in investing, but have no clue where to begin. I canlook online and read about it, but that’s not enough to get me started. I tendto be pretty anal and need to have someone walk me through something the first time. And considering that investing deals with money and the chance to lose more of it…I admit, I’m scared to try. Is there anyone out there who can give school me in “Stocks and Investing 101”?

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Mary Kay

Posted by richindebt on September 26, 2006

I have been approached several times by Mary kay consultants about joining their ranks and becoming self reliant. It has even been said that I could do well in the field as a military wife because as i travel around I would pick up more and more clients. What desperate person who is struggling to make ends meet wouldn’t take a second look at a possible chance to work from home and make money doing it? Thank goodness I did my research and didn’t fall for that scheme. Here is a blog I found from people previously employed by the company and what they are now saying about the lies and deceipt it’s built upon.

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